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Need Part 4

Dom smiled up at Billy, then looked down at his own stomach. "M' tummy.", he answered just as softly, "But a little lower." His voice was slightly husky, filled with want and need, but was also loving. Billy smiled back and started to move the cloth again, tracing it lower and lower. It felt indescribably wondrous, but Dom stayed Billy's hand gently, needing to say something before this went any further. "I'll not expect more, love.", he whispered. "But I dream of you, Bills....dream of you touching me this way, caring for me. And it's beautiful. 'tis always so beautiful. We don't have t' do this, Billy. But I pray that we will. Our friendship is strong enough- believe me on that." Dom waited for Billy's response, willing to accept it, whatever it might be. This was in Billy's hands now; Dom had made it clear where he stood. And, it was not anymore to be chalked up to a drunken encounter. He was perfectly sober and knew exactly what his heart and soul needed. Billy. Always. Any way he could get him.

"But I dream of you, Bills....dream of you touching me this way, caring for me. And it's beautiful. 'tis always so beautiful. We don't have t' do this, Billy. But I pray that we will. Our friendship is strong enough- believe me on that." A lump formed in Billy's throat as Dom spoke. His words were so tender, loving, full of yearning, but most of all love. Gone was Billy's hesitation, though he still knew he wasn't on the exact same page as Dom, he knew this was something he wanted to do. Billy leaned over, gently kissing Dom. "Then I will make your dreams come true," Billy whispered as he pulled back. He began to once again move the wash cloth slowly down Dom's stomach, down his right thigh, then back over his stomach and down his left thigh. Billy could feel Dom breathing slightly heavier, the anticipation coursing through his body. Billy stilled the cloth on Dom's thigh and moved down laying soft kisses across Dom's tummy, his tongue flicking out to taste the smooth, warm skin. Then Billy abandoned the wash cloth, wrapping his hand around Dom's hard cock, just holding it for several moments, feeling the hardness and the softness of Dom's skin. Dom let out a gasp at Billy's touch, arching his hips slightly. Billy began to lightly stroke Dom, the soft moans falling from Dom's lips going straight through Billy, affecting him in ways he never thought possible.

"Then I will make your dreams come true," And that was just what Billy was doing, with one touch of his sweet lips against Dom's tender skin. Dom gasped slightly at the contact, then moaned as Billy wrapped his hand around Dom's hard cock. Billy moved his hand slowly then, and Dom nearly came apart. Just this slight touch was shooting fire through Dom's body, heightening all of his senses. He was paralyzed with feeling for a moment, but then sat up slightly, reaching over to Billy, fingers caressing along his cheek. "C'n I touch you, Billy? Please?", Dom asked in a ragged whisper. "That's what I've dreamed of more than anything...being able t' give you pleasure. Wanna make y' happy, Bills, make y' feel so good. The way you're making me feel." Dom's hips arched up once more into Billy's hand, and a soft sigh fell from Dom's lips as he awaited Billy's answer.

C'n I touch you, Billy? Please?" Billy closed his eyes, letting Dom's request sink in. It had been so long since anyone had touched him. Just the thought was arousing him, bringing to the surface feelings Billy had not felt in years. Billy gave Dom's cock one last stroke, then leaned forward kissing Dom. "Yes," Billy said breathily against Dom's lips, "touch me Dom." And then Billy lay back on the bed offering himself up to Dom.

Dom groaned lightly again as Billy acceded to his request and lay back on the bed, waiting. Dom rose to his knees and scooted around so he was beside Billy, then smiled down at him. Dom reached out, tenderly touching Billy's face once again, then bent to kiss him softly. "You're beautiful, Billy.", he whispered against his lips. "Even more beautiful than I'd thought you'd be." He kissed Billy once again, then sat back up, tracing his fingers slowly down Billy's neck, over his upper chest, then down a bit more, until he found a nipple and stopped to circle it gently, finger brushing over the tip, bringing it to a point. Billy gasped under his touch, and Dom smiled, then bent down again, flicking his tongue out to sweep along the tip, just barely moistening it. Billy growled lowly, and Dom touched him more, this time with his lips, rubbing them softly against Billy's nipple, then taking it gently between his teeth, nibbling ever so slightly. Billy shuddered, and Dom groaned, taking it further into his mouth, sucking gently. His hand reached down, nails brushing lightly along Billy's abdomen, caressing the skin there softly. Dom was taking his sweet time, but that's exactly the way he wanted it. Wanted to explore every part of Billy, every last inch; he'd been dreaming of this for so long, he didn't want it rushed. "Wanna feel you, Bills.", he whispered hoarsely, still teasing Billy's nipple. "Wanna taste you, all of you. Wanna fucking worship you, love."

Billy moaned, letting out little whimpers as Dom continued to assault his nipple, a little known fact that they were one of Billy's most sensitive and erogenous zones. Billy brought his hands up, placing them on the back of Dom's head, pressing lightly, wanting more and Dom obliged by sucking harder, flicking his tongue roughly over Billy's swollen nipple. "Mmm, feels so good," Billy groaned. Then slowly Billy's hands slide to Dom's shoulders, softly caressing them, then down his back, fingers lightly trailing down his spine and back up and down once more. Billy's hands stilled a moment then slid over Dom's arse, gently at first, then kneading the soft flesh under his hands. Billy slid his middle finger slowly and playfully up and down Dom's crack, wanting to push inside, but he was uncertain. Instead he slid his hands further down between Dom's legs, lightly cupping his balls, fondling them in his hand. Billy smiled as low moan erupted from Dom against his chest.

Dom froze as Billy's finger trailed playfully over his crack. Not because he didn't like it; quite the opposite in fact. That just so happened to be the most erogenous zone on Dom's body, one touch there and he melted into putty. Billy seemed to take Dom's pause as distaste, however, and moved on to Dom's balls. Which was also lovely, but not quite as lovely as having his arse played with. Dom's mouth continued teasing Billy's nipple for a moment, then Dom slid up his body, capturing Billy's lips hungrily. The motion rubbed their hard cocks together, and Dom moaned lustfully into Billy's mouth. He reached down and gently removed Billy's hand from his balls and brought it back around to his arse, whimpering when Billy's fingers brushed against his crack. Dom ran his tongue slowly over Billy's lips, then whispered against them, almost desperately. "Finger me, Billy." His lust and love filled eyes held Billy's. "Please, love."

Billy let out a gasp as Dom slid up his body causing their cocks to rub together. God, but that felt fucking good. Billy thought for a moment he had done something wrong when Dom took his and removed it from his balls. But then he placed it back on his arse. "Finger me, Billy." Billy smiled almost shyly, reaching up and caressing Dom's face then kissing him tenderly. "Anything for you Dommie." Billy turned, reaching for the nightstand top drawer and taking out the tube of lube. He flipped the cap, drizzling it over his fingers then closed it and laid it on the bed. He looked back up to Dom who was smiling, lust and want all over his face. Billy reached up kissing him as put his hand back to Dom's arse, his index and middle fingers sliding playfully up and down his crack before gently pushing in. A low growl emanated from Dom's throat and Billy pushed in deeper until they were all the way in. Dom's body stiffened and Billy stilled allowing time for Dom to adjust. When Dom lightly pushed back against Billy's fingers Billy slowly pulled his fingers out, just a little and sank them back in. Dom let out a breathy moan and Billy pulled his fingers nearly completely out of Dom and sank them forward once more. Dom was tight and hot and his whimpers and growls were making Billy incredibly horny. Billy began a light rhythm of fucking Dom's arse, hooking his fingers to brush against his prostate with each stroke. Dom bucked wildly against him which only made Billy finger him harder and faster.
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